(Front row, from left) Madison Steinman, Megan Mayfield, Jessica Vilensky, Lauren Fay, William Goliger, Kimberly Konar, (middle row) Michael Rambridge, Susan Rambridge, Sarah Hanahan, Justin Bartlett, Brianna Kearns, (back row) Austin Turner, Charles Moreau, Connor Bailey, Hannah MacKay, Iliana Weeks and David Coughlin. Not pictured: Noah Ogden.

March 22: MAJE All-State Festival, MHS Jazz Ensemble

March 22: MAJE All-State Festival, MVP Division 1

​Lauren Fay, William Goliger and Noah Ogden with All State conductor Rollo Dilworth.​​

April: Music Festival, Washington, DC

2014-2015 Pictures

Row 1 (seated): Eoghan McCarthy, Isabella Lopez, Evan Dundon, Sarah Hanahan, Justin Bartlett, Austin Turner. Row 2: Emily McIntyre, Iliana Weeks, Kate McDonald, David Coughlin. Row 3: Gary Piazza, Director; Phil Lee, Ashely Levy, Shawheen Fagan, John Naoum, Erin Giugno, Connor Bailey, Hannah Mackay, Charley Moreau.

​Sarah Hanahan and Gary Piazza. 

Photos courtesy of Carol Wood

(Front row from left) Samantha Edwards/Orchestra, Tatyana Barthold/Chorus, Sarah Naim/Orchestra​. (Back row from left) Amanda McCarthy/Chorus, Maddy Silverman/Jazz Band, Matthew Pearl/Jazz Band, Ben Simmons/Jazz Band

March 21: All-State Music Chorus 

February: Central District Junior Festival members, Whitcomb Middle School

November: ​Central District Senior Festival members, MHS

November 11: Veterans Day Parade, MHS Marching Band & Color Guard

​​Spring 2015

pictures courtesy of Pascal Chesnais

​​Fall 2014

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