2016-2017 Videos

Marlborough Public Schools

Music Association

Pieces of Eight


Three South African Settings: Song 3

Voice of the Sky

​Incantation and Dance

March 31st - April 2nd: MICCA 

Three South African Settings: Song 1

 August 6: Newport Jazz Festival, All State Jazz Ensemble 

March of the Belgian Paratroopers

Whitcomb 8th Chorus

Flying Free

April 29th: MAJE State Combo Festival

May 5th: An Evening of Jazz 

Whitcomb 7th/8th Orchestra

Three South African Settings: Song 2

Salta City Samba

​​​​​MHS Wind Ensemble

Night Shift

Weep for Me

April 15th: Gold Medal Showcase at Symphony Hall

videos courtesy of Tricia Davis

Whitcomb 7/8 Concert Band

Spring 2017

March 18th: MAJE All State Festival 

May 11th: All City String Night 

Come to Me, Oh my Love