Marlborough Public Schools

Music Association

Hebert Candy Bars are available to sell throughout the year. Half of the sales are applied to your student account. To get the candy bars, you must contact Ann Kinslow at 508-491-6103 or 

Information on the difference between the General Fund and Student Accounts can be found here.

For fundraiser details, contact:

     Heather Robb (978-443-3564)


Why fund raise?  When a student first enrolls in a  performing music class at MHS (9th grade Chorus, Concert Band, String Ensemble, etc....), the MPS Music Association automatically sets up a Student Account for that student. This account is managed by the MPS Music Assocation. For more details on Student Accounts, click here.  Even though there is no out-of-state music festival trip for this school year 2017/18, we still urge you to participate in as many student fund raising opportunities to help offset the cost of any future out-of-state music festival trips.