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Videos of Whitcomb MS 7/8 Band MICCA performance:

MHS Jazz Combo

Volunteer Opportunities​​​​​​

  • We are currently looking for 1-2 people to become our new Concession Chair(s) for the 2016-17 school year.  Click here for Concession Infomational Flyer. Our current Concession Chairwoman, Val Steinman,  will be stepping down at the end of the 2015-16 school year.  We would like to have our new Concession Chairs join Val for the 2015-16 school year to learn all the ins and outs of running the concessions. The Concession Chair(s) run(s) the concession stand at all the home football games as well as at the Middle School and High School Winter and Spring & All City Concerts. If you are interested or would like additional information, please contact Val Steinman at or Marlene Manell at

Band Camp

  • Mark your calendars! Summer band camp will be taking place at MHS August 22 - 26 from 9am - 3pm.  Letters were mailed out last week with information regarding performance attire, marching shoes, Festival Disney, among other things. Below are links to all letters:





Videos courtesy of Steven Levy

Videos of their Central District performance:

MAJE Festival Results

  • Congratulations to Whitcomb Jazz Ensemble and Mr. Tim MacDonald for receiving a BRONZE Medal at the Junior Central District Festival held at Trottier Middle School on May 10, 2016!  Additional congratulations to the following students who received the special honor of being recognized for Outstanding Musicianship Award:

    Ian Minier, tenor saxophone
    Paul Alcantar, drum set
    Zeena Acharya,  piano​​

  • Congratulations to MHS's Jazz Ensemble and Mr. Gary Piazza for receiving a SILVER Medal at the State Festival held at Norwood HS on March 19, 2016!  Additional congratulations to Hannah Mackay, trumpet, and Justin Bartlett, Alto Saxophone, for receiving the Outstanding Musicianship Award.


  • ​Congratulations to MHS's Jazz Ensemble and Mr. Gary Piazza for receiving a GOLD Medal at the Senior Central District Festival held at Algonquin RHS on March 9, 2016! A Gold Medal advances the group to compete at the State Festival on March 19th at Norwood HS. Additional congratulations to the following students who received the special honor of being recognized for Outstanding Musicianship Award:

    Justin Bartlett, alto saxophone
    Hannah Mackay, trumpet
    John Noaum,  drum set​​

MHS Jazz I

All City Jazz Night

  • On Friday, May 6th, the All City Jazz Night was held at Whitcomb. What a wonderful evening of jazz music! Below are the videos of the performances.​

MICCA Festival Results

  • Whitcomb MS 7/8 grade Orchestra, Bronze medal
  • Whitcomb MS 7/8 grade Band, Bronze medal
  • Whitcomb MS 7/8 grade Chorus, Bronze medal
  • MHS String Ensemble, Silver medal
  • MHS Wind Ensemble, Silver medal
  • MHS Mixed Chorus,Bronze medal
  • MHS A Cappella, Silver medal
  • MHS Concert Band, Gold medal

As a result of their Gold Medal performance at MICCA, the MHS Concert Band performed in the Gold Medal Showcase at Mechanics Hall on April 9th. Congratulations to all those who participated in the state's MICCA festival! Below is a photo of the Concert Band during their performance at Mechanics Hall.

Combined Ensembles

Meeting Announcement​​


  • Monday, September 12th, MPS Music Association Orlando Festival Trip meeting, MANDATORY meeting for all parents/guardians and students, MHS Little Theater, 7pm. 

Please note that the Trip Dates have changed:  The new dates are leaving early morning Wednesday, April 19th and returning the same date as announced previously, Monday night, April 24th

All City Strings Night

  • On Wednesday, May 18th, the All City Strings Night was held at Whitcomb. What a wonderful evening of music by all the string ensembles! Below are the videos of the performances.​

Videos courtesy of Steven Levy

MAJE State Choir/Combo Festival

  • The MHS Jazz Combo competed at the MAJE State Choir/Combo Festival @ Wellesley High School on Saturday, April 30, 2016. The MHS Jazz Combo received a Silver Medal. Congratulations for receiving an Outstanding Musicianship Award to:

    Justin Bartlett, alto saxophone
    Kaley Davis, vocals & piano 
    John Noaum,  drum set​​

Upcoming Performances​​


  • Monday, September 6th, Labor Day Parade, MHS Marching Band, 12pm
  • ​Friday, September 16th, Home Football Game vs Algonquin, MHS Marching Band, 7pm
  • ​Friday, September 23rd, Home Football Game vs Westborough, MHS Marching Band, 7pm

Clark Terry Jazz Festival

  • ​The Whitcomb Middle School Jazz Bands participated in the Clark Terry UNH Jazz Festival on Saturday, March 12th. Below are videos from their performance. Congratulations to all who participated in the festival!

Videos courtesy of Steven Levy

Whitcomb Middle School Jazz Ensemble